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Remember, photos make great gifts and prices have dropped!  The current (2017-18 Series) listings reflect our new prices - so what prices you see at the sizes listed are what you'll receive.  But with any photos PRIOR to this past summer of 2017 (until I'm able to update past Series - not likely before the new year with our recent move) we'll include a free 4x6" print of every photo ordered as our Thank you gift to all of our wonderful riders.  So with the older photos, whether you order an 8x10", a 5x7", or any other size print, we'll include a 4x6" print of that same photo for no extra charge when you order from the 2016-17 Series or earlier.  Choose some photos you like, order them for gifts and receive gifts for yourself!   Our thank you to you for your support of the WCHPace Series events. - Jan & Lou

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