Year End Gathering at Scotsgrove - Was GREAT!

Thank you to all who attended the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride 2017-18 Series Year End Gathering at Scotsgrove Farm yesterday.  The weather was definitely warm and many rode early, or opted to ride the shorter MiniPace to be back in camp in plenty of time to enjoy lunch and the Awards Presentation under that big, beautiful pecan tree.  I'm just sorry so many of you missed a really great event and all kinds of great goodies!!  

All riders who attended and entered will receive:

  • 1) a Wild Card to use next Series,
  • 2) a Prize Coupon from The Farm House 
  • 3) as a thank you from Lou and I for your support - a 5x7" photo of your choice.

  • (I'll send an email out on Monday with the Farm House prize coupon & instructions on how to claim your photo.) 

  • THANK YOU, ALL, for your continued support of this Series.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Member?

No there are no memberships necessary. Fees are determined by each venue and paid at time of entry. You may participate in as many or as few events as you wish, but in order to qualify for end of year awards you must attend at least four (4) events.

How Long are Rides?

The length varies from event to event but are usually between six (6) and twelve (12) miles. Part of the fun is not knowing exactly how long your ride will be. The individual flyers should also give you some brief info as to the terrain and any other particularities to that individual Event.