Year End Gathering & Awards   

 CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Series placements and especially to the determined souls who attended all (or almost all) of the events to earn our Support Award plaques.  Thanks to all who attended the 2015-16 Year End Gathering and Awards Presentation at the Biltmore's West Range on Sunday, June 26th. 

Have a safe and wonderful summer and we'll look forward to seeing you out on the trails again in the fall. I'll post the 2016-17 Series schedule as soon as it's complete, but in the meantime mark your calendars for our next event on Sunday, August 28th.  See you on the trails......


Our Next Event
There are no upcoming events at this time. Plese check back later.

Western Carolina Hunter Pace 2015-2016 Events
Upcoming events for Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series. Event details, location, flyer, entry form etc. will be posted when received from each of the hosts. Please note: Sometimes the events are rescheduled or cancelled due to weather or other circumstances. Please CHECK THIS SITE to make sure that events are confirmed before you haul.
  Western Carolina Hunter Pace Event Date Flyer
View Details Friends of FENCE - at Greenspace of Fairview Sunday August 30, 2015 083015-FlyerWaivers.pdf
View Details SE Children’s Home Benefit - Scotsgrove Fall Hunter Pace Saturday September 12, 2015 091215-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Biltmore Equestrian Center - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday September 27, 2015 092715-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Tryon Hounds Fall - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday October 18, 2015 101115-Flyer.pdf
View Details Green Creek Hounds Halloween - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday October 25, 2015 102515-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details FENCE Fall - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday November 15, 2015 110815-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Windridge Farm - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday November 29, 2015 112215-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details River Valley Pony Club Winter - to Benefit Christmas on Miracle Hill Sunday December 13, 2015 120615-FlyerWaivers.pdf
View Details FENCE Spring - Sunday February 21, 2016 022116-FlyerWaivers.pdf
View Details Green Creek Hounds Spring - Sunday April 03, 2016 032016-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Tryon Hounds Spring - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday April 10, 2016 041016-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details River Valley Pony Club Spring - (w/rain date 05/08) Sunday April 24, 2016 042416-FlyerWaivers.pdf
View Details Biltmore West Range - Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Sunday May 15, 2016 051516-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Scotsgrove Farm - Saturday May 28, 2016 052816-FlyerWaiver.pdf
View Details Year End Awards Gathering - and Pleasure Ride Sunday June 26, 2016 2016-YE Gather FlyerWaiver.pdf